Star-Club – 50th Anniversary


Ladies & Gentlemen, the 13th April 1962 was a memorable date! The Star-Club opened its doors at Große Freiheit 39 in Hamburg-St. Pauli. The club become legendary with concerts of The Beatles, Chuck Berry,Billy Haley, The Rattles and even Jimi Hendrix;  just to name a few acts. And in 2012 it was the celebration & commemoration of 50YEARS Star-Club Hamburg in the stylish Fliegende Bauten tent-alike venue. It was sold-out and packed. Therefore it was hard, sweaty work
for us photograpers to find an excellent spot to obtain good pictures.

It was Brian Parrish ex the Londoners to hold the laudation. He was calling Uwe Mamminga, the organiser of Rock The Earth on stage to welcome the crowd and sponsors and his good-old friendKingsize Taylor. He was the musician-hero who contributed to get all bands and musicians to the festival.