Shadowman – Brian Parrish & Band in Concert – 25.05.19 – Music Hall – Showtime 20 pm


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Brian Parrish Band – “Shadow Man “

Music Hall Worpswede 25 May 2019 – 20 pm

Brian Parrish is one of rock musics enduring veterans, with a significant history of credits ( Jon Lord/Deep Purple( Graeme Edge/Moody Blues etc.) and success in America with his  band, “Badger“.

Brian Parrish is perhaps best known for his song-writing, his album TRAVELLER from last year achieved great critical acclaim.

His next project is SHADOW MAN. He is bringing an excellent stripped down band to the Music Hall to play the SHADOW MAN show.In addition to the new material will be some popular favourites, some blues and all


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We were kids with dreams, and a love of rock n roll music. There was no road map for this. There was no “Fame Academy”, no pop music schools, no internet where videos of our musical heroes were a click away. There was only radio, where we could hear the American music we loved, and if we were lucky we might meet like minded young people and try to play together and perhaps perform at local dances. For some it might have ended there. But then came the Star Club Hamburg- and the stories which would become the stuff of legend.

The Star Club has a pivotal place in rock n roll music folk lore. It hosted the big American stars, and was a magnet for young British bands. It was the place which taught us lessons in “stage craft”, what playing in a band together was really about, whilst giving us the opportunity night after night to improve our musical skills. It is where many of the musicians I most admire began their professional journeys and has given me some precious life long friends.

From time to time there has been a “Star Club Night”-an event featuring some of the original artistes. We have seen some truly great Anniversary shows, and come to appreciate the significance not only of the musicians, but the loyalty of the public who are simply our old friends-our extended family.

On 9 April at Downtown Blues Club, Hamburg, I will play a 55th Anniversary show together with Kingsize Taylor & the Dominos, Beryl Marsden, Karl Terry, Howie Casey and others.  The number “55” alone suggests that this must be the last such event we can expect.

The music which I make today, the songs I have written-and the  history that walks onstage with me everytime I pick up a guitar to play for people, would be impossible had it not been for the Star Club. Gratitude does not begin to cover it. The Star Club shaped my life and the lives of all who were there.

I do hope that many many old friends will meet with us in Hamburg to celebrate rock n roll. Come along , dress inappropriately and behave badly! You know you want to !

P.S. If you are too young to have been there, come along and soak up some of the original atmosphere!