Shortly after the completion of the debut “ Parrish & Gurvitz” album, plans were made to tour and promote it in America. So it was that musicians were assembled to accompany them.

The musicians were Mike Kellie (drums) who had already played on many of the tracks, Rick Wills (bass) and Micky Gallagher (keyboards). In addition to rehearsing versions of the songs from the original album, they began to rehearse new songs. The overall feel was more in the manner of a band, certainly heavier than the acoustic based songs which had been recorded. The window of opportunity to promote the first album was fast slipping by as the inexperienced management had done little to set a tour up while recording was in progress. The accepted pattern at the time was record/tour/record/ tour ad infinitum. In the interim period the band entered the studio with George Martin to  record around half of the material for the next album. Finally the tour took placed, but by this time the album was already old news, having been released around six months earlier. Subsequently there was no coordination between the record label promotional efforts (press, radio play) and the tour itself. Whatever the case it was certainly not optimal timing for raising awareness of the first album.

It was simply costing money with no impact on record sales. Eventually this caused friction between the band and the management and some disappointment at the record label who observed that the band was more rock n roll and less soft rock which was what they had signed up for. At one point the band were booked into the Bitter End in New York. This was a “folk music” venue suddenly hosting an amplified rock band. The band was well received but behind the scenes arguments and chaos dominated. Upon their return the band entered the studio to complete the album which had been started. The future was uncertain however as P&G were already in dispute with their management, and parted company with them. At a loss as to how they could continue to pay the musicians the touring band was disbanded and the musicians joined Peter Frampton as a complete unit, and effectively became “Framptons Camel” which enjoyed great success. The second P&G  album, tentatively titled “TWO” was not released at that point. Paul went on to work with brother Adrian and Ginger Baker,while Brian formed the band BADGER with Tony Kaye, Roy Dyke and David Foster. The songs on”TWO”are indicative of the direction the P&G band were taking before circumstances altered their course.