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Brian Parrish, a British musician who now lives in Germany, said he is looking forward to the upcoming memorial concert April 13 in Hamburg for Tony Sheridan.

Ted Taylor

“Tony was there right from the first,” Parrish told us via Skype from Germany.

Many of Tony’s friends will be attending the benefit being held at the Kaiserkeller, one of the places in Hamburg they played before they were famous. Those confirmed for the show include Ted “Kingsize” Taylor, who played with theBeatles in Liverpool and recorded them at the Star-Club, Neil Landon, Brian Parrish, Ecki Hofmann, Karl Terry and Gibson Kemp, and bands including the Rattles, Foxie “B,” “Rock ’n‘ Soul Circus, the Bonds, London Pride and the Blackbirds. The Kaiserkeller was the scene of many performances by the Beatles before they became famous.

Parrish also said organizers have been in contact with Klaus Voormann and that Astrid Kirchherr might also attend.

“I’m also interested to see who comes from Liverpool,” he said.

Parrish remembered seeing Sheridan on TV. “When I first went to Hamburg in 1964, I used to see Tony Sheridan on a British rock n‘ roll show called ‚Oh, Boy,’” he said. “All of the guys at the time, the homegrown stars, were trying to be Elvis. Most people were doing hip shaking they saw Elvis doing.

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